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Enterprise Idea



Management Idea:

  —— Oriented to customer and market,

       —— Employee is the engine

  —— Profession to pefect

  —— Management to inovation




Investment Idea:

  —— Be possible to realize the tactic target

  —— Be strengthen to Competance

  —— Be optimized to Structure

  —— Be Intensive to Expansion


Emply Idea:Common Goal , Respect & trust ; Inspire Fortes

Market Idea: Be accurate, Be value added

Quality Idea: Be controlled, Be perfect

R&D Idea:Be inovating, Be leading



Producing Idea:Prompt action, Accurate producing

Cost Idea:Saving under Quality achievement

Procrument Idea:Grow together with vendor



Social Responsibility


  Take Social responsibilty,  Promote the social progress

  Cherish to society

  Until 2015, the company cherish over RMB 45 Million

  Set the fund to Elderly, familisness person;

      Offer 409 job positions to handicapped man, invest 7 Million to support the handicapped man , donate RMB1180000 In 2008.   

       Donate RMB 1000000 to the Local high school in 2010

  Donate RMB 2000000 to the local to built the road 2010

  Donate RMB 500,000 to the LOW-C union in 2010

       Group employee donate RMB190000 for Daily cherish in 2011

       Donate RMB3000000 to irrigation project construction 2014


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Employee care

The group has invest over RMB5000000 to built the employ sport center, library and so on.


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