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Key pace in the development:


      Pace NO.1 : 1985-1995, ZDOON start as a cement products factory, and become the Top 10 cement supplier within 10 years.

      Pace NO.2  :   1996-1999, ZDOON finish the stucture reform of the company,

      Pace NO.3  :   1999, ZDOON  start the multi stragy, and invest 250Million to start the Plast extrusion facotry, the out put capacity over 50,000Tons of PVC extrusion and become TOP 5 manufacture in China.

      Pace NO.4  :   2002, ZDOON speed up the expansion, invested 100Million in wenzhou for Concrete foundation, and Invest 750 million in shanghai to built an aluminum extruion factory.

                           2003,ZDOON aluminum output over 40000 TONS aluminum profiles, and become the NO.1 supplier around Shanghai.

                         2004,ZDOON become a member of China metal structure board.

                              2005, ISO9001 certification, AAA enterprice in China, become a supplier of Beijing International Airport, shanghai Pudong Airport, Guangzhou Metrol station.

                              2006, get the shanghai Well know trade mark.

                              2006, become a vendor to the Shanghai Financial Center.

                         2007,Become a member to draft the aluminum national standard。

                              2012, become the top 10 aluminum manufacter in China.